Treelight Design

Treelight is an aesthetic practice in architecture, interior & product design. We believe that design is a creative reaction to interesting stimuli. This stimuli may be a beautiful location, unique material, form, function or simply a classic line. The eventual design is a synthesis of both, the subjective and the objective analysis of an idea.

A careful understanding of the brief and location, extensive research, innovative planning and exploration of materials are an important part of our artistic processes. Our designs are created with special focus on development of innovative construction details that accentuate the geometry or behaviour of a material. Spatial interactions resulting in memorable experiences inspire us to create something extraordinary every day.

The practice has since evolved to work with the old, infuse the new and to ultimately create a timeless design. Our endeavor is to provide sustainable design with particular emphasis on promoting local materials, while using green construction methods. The diverse capabilities of the team and our unconventional approach lead us to create unique, contemporary designs.