Aqua, is a modern cave that blends in cohesively with the overarching hills, perfectly interacting with nature on one side, while still allowing for privacy. Aqua preserves and nurtures the local, with its choice of material, its building process and elevated wellness experience in the wilderness. The fluidity of the form flows from the exterior to the interior walls creating movement between different spaces.

A design that celebrated the surrounding hills, embodied modernity, captured the views and economical to build while allowing privacy. To truly adhere to the brief and enhance the experience, the pool had to be elevated. We maximised the usage of this volume by housing all the ancillary spaces like the changing room, shower, steam room and jacuzzi at the ground level.

Aqua achieved reduction in carbon footprint and minimal waste generation by pairing complex construction techniques with locally available resources. For example we deployed the local stone masonry technique to elevate the overall structure. The path towards Aqua was a pragmatic one, we educated the local community with a unique skill set that could serve generations to come.