Magari, Hyderabad

Location: Hyderabad
Area: 10,800 sft.

The ethos of Magari is timelessness - in material, texture and design. For the Hyderabad store the aim was to showcase each furniture piece as a product with a backdrop that is the home environment. The selection of colour palette was kept close to the textures found in nature which helped imbibe the attributes of the brand in the overall design of the space.

“Translating the folds into creating spaces that showcase the craftsmanship of the furniture”

The concept of creating folds of a plane to form voids helped us develop a design language that flows throughout the store, seamlessly binding all the different spaces. The geometrical form of the folds translated into creating set ups for the display of furniture. This resulted in creating the feeling of an enclosed space without having to actually create an enclosure.

The warmth of the internal spaces can be felt by any person who looks through these windows. The facade enables a beautiful play of light from outside to inside almost creating a glow like effect for the furniture pieces and giving them a spotlight to shine. To achieve the design intent of the facade, it was imperative to use a material that is flexible, light and texturally binds the concept of timelessness and authenticity of material together while maintaining strong structural integrity. This is why ferrocement was chosen. It had the capability of creating elegant folds finished delicately with sand plaster which generated a very unique colour and texture to experience visually and physically.