Location: Bangalore
Type: Design Studio
Year: 2016

Magari is a home d├ęcor store that houses a variety of interior products like furniture, upholstery, wardrobes, carpets, accessories and light fixtures. The fundamental concept was to create a one-stop-shop for home requirements. The products at Magari have a touch of local craftsmanship and a sense of nostalgia, inspired by bygone eras. This prompted the idea of creating a home-like environment where a patron could visualise the products as they might look in their home.

Materials used seem very raw and textural, like exposed brick and cement block masonry. The resultant appearance is a composition, playing with the duality of both rustic and refined, to enhance the products on display. The overall effect is a spacious yet homely, simple yet sophisticated environ. From the foyer-like entrance that spreads out onto areas of every day life, to the details that serve to highlight the products, Magari is an achievement of considered and thoughtful design.

Photography: Manoj Masand