The Sunflower Apartment

Location: Indiranagar, Bangalore

Type: Residence

Epitomising the beautifully simple – The Sunflower Apartment

The brief was exceptionally clear, it was to give this three-bedroom apartment an open, simple and serene structure, so the clients could enjoy family life together.

The monotone ambit forms the essence of the apartment, with the entire palette of wall texture, fabrics, stone flooring and furniture in hues of neutral shades. The accents like the brass sunflower installation inlaid on the floor and wall with the suspended drops of lights sets the mood for contemplation. The blue crockery unit paired with the blue ocean dining table bring some contrast.

Each of three rooms have a play of different texture in the same muted palette with subtle contrasting accents, like the cluster of hanging lights in the master bedroom, the art on the wall in the guest room and the carpet in the children’s room.

In the kid’s room, the intent was to create a lot of space for the young infant to play. The bed and study are tucked against the wall creating an open space with large carpet for play.