Location: Indiranagar, Bangalore

Type: Penthouse

Exudes serene and timeless elegance.

Magnolia is a duplex penthouse situated in the heart of Bangalore city. The house is designed to feel like an oasis that exudes serenity and tranquillity. A 4,600-square-foot space that is planned to have a natural flow and a seamless integration of indoor and outdoor spaces. Drawing on a palette of neutral colours and natural textures of sandstone, fabric and cement through the house to create an inviting atmosphere of warmth and comfort.

The upper level of the house is influenced by American abstract-expressionist Mark Rothko’s style of art with pigmented cement flooring and walls in different, muted colours. The muted walls played the role of a canvas for art. The bedroom wall includes a hand drawn image of a cross- section of the bark by artist Ashu Gupta in her signature stippling style. The living area roof is made of natural timber and a vintage astro-globe suspends from the top, bringing in a sense of nostalgia.

The lower level has a tranquil aesthetic. A tree of Life jali partition between the prayer (puja) room and living section is an attraction. The intricate detailing of leaf motifs has a wonderful play of patterns that lights up when the lamps in the prayer room are lit.

The lighting is designed to create a warm, ambient environment with highlights on certain features like the art and furniture accents, and in some places, the fixture itself is the highlight. The floor of the penthouse is made with sandstone, kota, wood and pigmented cement adding to the natural feel.