Manya Residence

Area – 5530 sft.

Every home has a story that is personal to the home-owner and our clients entrusted us to bring out this narrative by sharing with us their love for Indian contemporary aesthetic. We tried to imbibe this with our design philosophy and it fit like a glove. The process started with understanding and adapting Indian sensibilities in the minute details of the space and adding life through accessories and elements that reflect the culture with subtlety. Fabrics added a textural layer to this process; customized artworks, furniture, crafts and accessories became focal aspects. All these elements came together first and then the spaces were molded around them.

The space is like a book, where every wall is an unfolded page that showcases – light, movement and detail. It is a sensory journey for anyone who enters the home. As one’s hand run across the walls or eyes glance across the ceiling; one sees a unique blend of color, fabric, metal, glass, wood and stone. Each room is like a chapter where the character is the detail and then the book that is the home was built around it. The intrigue is created by wall textures and movable screens which give a glimpse of what one can experience before stepping into the space. The colors in the artworks and upholstery add a touch of drama whereas the details in the flooring and ceilings set the scene. The floral patterns, jaalis, earthly textures are layers that create the supporting characters that enhance the quality of space and absorbs one into their comfort zone.