Sanctuary Residence

Area – 4795 sft.

Simple linear masses and clarity of space created with a poetic sense wraps the dwellers in serenity. This makes the house literally a "sanctuary" for the body. Thoughtful orientation and placement of spaces through vastu-shastra (Indian science of construction). It unifies the matter and energy in Sanctuary's architecture. Cementitious surfaces, Natural color pigments and warm tones of wood all together grows the building metaphysically in the context. Staying true to the material, paying homage to its simplicity while creating synergy with sophisticated details, results in blurring the lines between the human and the natural. The plan form explores spatial sequencing which is user specific and breaks down the large area into series of pure forms and spaces, like cocoons to accommodate different functions. The atmosphere of the Nandi hills animates its static nature. The grand volumes open into the lush landscape to engage in the very moment of living.