Sen Residence

An Abode for art that is enriching for the mind and body; the Sen residence was created with the client's love for art in mind. Every room depicts a story that is revealed by the soulful play of colors and display of statement pieces of furniture and accessories. The concept of the home stems from nostalgia as the clients have returned to Bangalore after a long time. The artworks are carefully chosen which create interest and breathe life into the spaces. The overall theme reflects in the spaces through the volume and movement created with sensitivity and elegance.

The living room faces the pool and has a double height volume which lets the ample sunlight in, flooding the space with warmth. The dining room is the nucleus around which the kitchen and living space seamlessly intertwine. Here the idea was to create a clean monochromatic envelope in which the customized dining table, art pieces and accessories stand out. The kitchen is kept open with an option of screening using the sliding folding door. The bedrooms have a lovely pool view with lush green embracing it to create a layer of privacy while still maintaining the connection with its surroundings. The Den is created keeping in mind comfort which ignites thoughts and conversations, making it a space for learning and reflection. To create a vertical volumetric connection the artworks from the living room seamlessly flow as the eyes travel upwards towards the library facilitating a visual journey.

The home is filled with a plethora of art pieces, design features and elements to tie up each room whilst still allowing the spaces to seem expansive.

Some of the furniture pieces were rejuvenated and repurposed to stay true to the material and in line with the theme.

The Sen Residence truly represents a home that depicts love for the arts and memories, which is an innate reflection of who lives within.