Watson’s and Puma Shuffle

Location: Indiranagar, Bangalore

Type: Bar, Street Style Bar, Performance Venue

A neighbour friendly bar, Watsons transforms to a weekend high energy street style bar called PUMA Shuffle.

This versatile, hybrid bar space is designed based on the concept of an alter ego. Identities changing from a friendly neighbourhood bar and evolving into a weekend pop up street style bar, a high energy creative interactive space for the purpose of bringing together live music and sub cultural communities.

It is a neutral space with the ability to imbibe two identities without compromising its core inherent feel of a cool interactive social environment with multiple forms of entertainment. The bar has a dilapidated structure design, giving it an old-world charm. The double height arched windows and the barrel roof with raw and unfinished surfaces give the space a neutral yet regal feel. This palette is a perfect ground for the transformation from a friendly neighbourhood bar to the weekend street style pop-up bar. The transformation elements that bring about the changes are the lighting, the furniture, the transformed bar, the refreshed wall art and the performance platform. While building the current space, a lot of materials form the old structure was reused such has steel wood, stone and glass making it a sustainable project.