Fireflies Kabini

The unassuming mysteriousness of a firefly is that it never chooses a path straight. It chooses where it wishes to go and swooshes in between branches and leaves in a motion that leaves a soft blinking dot swimming through the night.

At the fireflies resort the areas were not defined to one view of the eye; one has to walk and discover as you moved along to realize how it felt like a vast property. The translation of earth elements from the picturesque jungle land of Kabini surrounding the property became of vital focus to bring out a true essence and connect the surrounding landscape to the property and give leeway to a transition-less experience. Raw, simple, under stated luxury that would sit comfortable in a gleaming river bed, flanked off of the sunrise of your dreams.

The spaces were all meant to sit harmoniously with one another and from the entrance to the inside is a series of meandering paths that lead you into a restaurant and then into connecting winding pathways to each cottage. The tent-cottage has endless views into an infinity pool that overlooks a performance stage and amphitheatre spaces set against the backdrop of the boundless river.

The fireflies chose their paths as the landscape and paths below them also moved into a sense of mystery and not knowing at night. It was an experience to discover that each area, each cottage, each experiential zone had its own space where no one else could venture into. In the evening one can climb up on to an elevated platform to the Watch tower to grab a drink and feel as if you are in the midst of the safari jungle watching over the forests spotting wildlife.

The rooms have a rich experience of materials true to nature in which the sense of rawness is perfectly brought out whilst keeping the understated luxury aspect be it the low concrete platform beds with majestic brick work jaalis and worli art accents around the rooms or the natural stone textures in various tones. In the day one can take the jungle safari and at night when you’re back you don’t feel like you have really left the jungle.