Teyla Teashop

Set in Idukki-Kerala, an abode of tea estates in southern India, Teyla is a tea-shop designed for tea-lovers. Context is key in determining the overall spatial configuration and form of the project. With the Teyla project, the natural setting of the tea estate largely influenced the way the built form opened up to its surroundings. The indigenous artisanal techniques utilized in making of the mud plaster, extracting stones from site to make the foundation, introduction of local cuisine and the flavors of various types of teas in the cafe and so forth were steps taken to infuse the local feel and be context and climate responsive.

The core concept was to incorporate architectural principles that are resonant of the region. The sloped roofs, the courtyard, the fenestrations were features all inspired from local architecture to become part of the design language. The project has a very unique detail of structural elements that allow the spaces to seem like a large expanse. This can be seen through the use of ISMB sections which frame the spaces and support the roof providing a significant volume. One of the most delightful challenges was working with stilts as part of site is set on a cliff. Due to this the surface area available to build was less and as a result a portion of the building had to be projected off the cliff and propped on stilts going all the way down.